AFL Decorates New Deputy Chief Of Staff


By Melissa Chea-Annan: After 35 years of diligent services to the country, an outstanding officer of the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL), Lt. Col. Daniel K. Moore, has been honored and decorated as the new Deputy Chief of Staff of the army.

Lt. Col. Moore, who was decorated last Friday at the Barclay Training Center (BTC) in Monrovia, is the second Liberian to hold the post, following the retirement of Rtd. Col. Aaron Tormah Johnson in 2013.

The Chief of Staff of the AFL, Maj. Gen. Suraj A. Abdurrahmah described the honoring ceremony as a milestone, which clearly demonstrates that the new AFL has improved greatly, especially reflecting on its tough beginning.

The new AFL came into existence following the signing of the agreement from the 2003 Comprehensive Peace Accord (CPA) in Accra, Ghana.

Maj. Gen. Abdurrahmah commended all of the officers for the numerous sacrifices they have rendered to the country and for working together as a team to bring substance to the army. He assured them that the country is proud of them.

The AFL Chief of Staff pointed out that the Army has a lot to do and a long way to go, and this cannot be done without the support of the people of Liberia.

He pleaded with the families of the officers to keep encouraging their loved ones to remain in the force and to ensuring that they work professionally.

Maj. Gen. Abdurrahmah boasted that the officers are qualified for every standard and position they are holding and all that is needed is the continuous support from their families and citizens of the country to ensure that they uphold the ethics of the profession.

The AFL Chief of Staff cautioned Lt. Col. Moore to be strong as he takes on his new mandate from the Commander-In-Chief, Ellen Johnson   Sirleaf, and he should lead by examples. “Leadership is best if you lead by examples,” he added.

Maj. Gen. Abdurrahmah reiterated that in the military, the higher one goes the hotter it becomes, because position comes with more responsibilities.

He challenged Lt. Col. Moore to dispense justice without fear or favor in executing his duty. “You have a greater work to do and so you should work with your colleagues as a team and build on every skill you have acquired from the various trainings,” the AFL Chief of Staff maintained.

Defense Minister, J. Brownie Samukai commended Lt. Col. Moore for his excellent achievements that have led to his promotion as Deputy Chief of Staff.

He praised Lt. Col. Moore for demonstrating the kind of leadership that is required for the force and should live up to the trust the commander in chief repose in him and  further pleaded with him to perform with loyalty to the state and lead by examples.

Minister Samukai urged Lt. Col. Moore to live up to the standard of professionalism because whenever the President talks about the country contributing troops to regional peace, she is referring to the officers that must at all times be prepared to maintain the dignity and integrity of the service.

According to Minister Samukai, the country has confidence in the new AFL and the officers should perform to the expectation of the people. He commended the United States of America, the Economic Community of West African States and all partner countries for contributing to the stability of the country.

He commended them for the numerous training programs that have made the Army what it is today. He reminded the officers that the country needs to move forward and so he will continue to support the officers and plead on their behalf for more equipment that will improve infrastructure and increase their salaries.

The new Deputy Chief of staff, Lt. Col. Moore thanked Commander-In-Chief, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, for entrusting him to lead the army. He assured her that he will continue to work harder and that he will not betray her trust and that of the people that he serves.