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Labor Congress Presses For Decent Work Bill

The Liberia Labor Congress has intensified efforts aimed at ensuring that the House of Representatives concurs with the Liberian Senate by passing the decent work bill.

The Liberia Labor Congress said it is appealing to the House of Representatives to pass the said bill by concurring with the Senate and that set minimum wage at US$6 a day automatically means US$0.75 per hour.

The Congress’ Secretary General Mr. J. Nyemah Natt Sr. addressing a news conference at the Liberia Labor Congress headquarters in Gardnersville outside Monrovia, said in 1973, the national Legislature passed the labor law of Liberia and proposed a review after every two years.

Mr. Natt noted that it is sad that since 1973 the labor law has not been amended and all attempts to review and amend the labor laws of Liberia have failed due to technical and political reasons at the detriment of workers.

The Labor Congress Secretary General said in 2010 the bill called the “decent work bill” intended to reduce poverty and improve the living condition of workers, their families and Liberians in general was presented to the national legislature.

He said the Liberia Labor Congress; the umbrella organization of 19 affiliate unions has observed with grave concern the delay in the passage of the decent work bill which was passed in June 2013 by the Liberian Senate with the proposed minimum wage of US$6.00 per day. “The Senate has taken a major step in advancing the cause of the working class,” Mr. Natt added.

The Liberia Labor congress Chief Scribe used the occasion to congratulate the upper house for the passage of the bill with a proposed minimum wage.

Moreover, Mr. Natt said the Liberia Labor Congress is also concerned about plans by the lower house, the House of Representatives to go on its Agricultural break without passing the decent work bill into law.

“We believe in the wisdom of the honorable men and women of the Honorable House of Representatives. We are hopeful that the House of Representatives will give the workers of Liberia a gift that will go down in history by its concurrence with the Liberian Senate in passing the decent work bill and maintain the US$$6.00 proposed by the Senate,” Mr. Natt said.  The LLC Chief Scribe said this will redeem the suffering and underpaid workers of Liberia.

“We want to thank the legislative branch of government, the Executive branch of government and the Judiciary for their support. Also, we want to thank the International Labor Organization (ILO) and other partners for the solidarity we enjoy as workers during this period,” the LLC General Secretary stated.

He said the decent work bill is the best instrument for the people of Liberia to strengthen the Poverty Reduction Strategic program in the country.

Meanwhile it has been disclosed by the LLC Secretary that all workers will march on the Capitol Building the seat of the national Legislature today to plead with the House of Representatives to pass the decent work bill before their agricultural break.



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