INCHR Commences Lawsuit Against CEMENCO For Pollution

By Jefferson D.Tweh

The Commissioner of Independent National Commission on Human Rights (INCHR) Mr. James D.Torh has threatened a lawsuit against CEMENCO Company operating on the Bushrod Island for polluting the Bali Town Community.

According to Mr.Torh, thousands of people have been affected by CEMENCO’s pollution and there is a need that he takes legal step to avoid pollution in the community.

“Medical reports have revealed that many residents of Bali Town Community and its environs have been affected with sicknesses as a result of the cement dust they inhale from the production of CEMENCO,” Mr. Torh pointed out.

“Let me make it clear that the Independent National Commission on Human Rights will make sure that legal step is taken against CEMENCO Company so as to avoid pollution because the community people are complaining about the pollution daily.

“In 1967 CEMENCO Company started its operation in Liberia but uncared to protect the environment where she is doing the business but pollute the environment seriously,”Mr.Torh noted.

“My brother, just imagine, if you enter CEMENCO’s main compound on the Bushrod Island, you will actually feel bad because of the pollution, the door curtains are very dusty and no good hygiene system in their offices,” Mr. Torh averred.

Investigation continues!