Police Still Questioning Cyril Allen

Police Still Questioning Cyril Allen

Chief Cyril Allen, former Chairman of National Patriotic Party (NPP) is still being investigated by the Liberia National Police (LNP) for comment he reportedly made calling for the resignation of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

Yesterday marked Chief Allen’s second appearance at the LNP Headquarters with his first being last Friday along with his legal team headed by Cllr. Cyrenus Cephas.

Mr. Allen who spent 45 minutes with the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) yesterday said he along with his legal team was listening to the recording of his recent statement. He told journalists that he has been asked to return to the LNP headquarters in what appears to be a continuation of the police investigation.

Chief Allen reportedly called for the resignation of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and was quoted as saying that failure for her to step down he was going to use ex-combatants to remove her.

Beaming with smiles, Chief Allen told reporters that he was not afraid to be invited by the Police, saying, “This is my police station and this is my country. Why should I be angry because the police invited me to a conference? “

Chief Allen better known as the Chairman Emeritus of the former ruling NPP during the administration of ex-President Charles Taylor said upon the invitation of the police he will return to the LNP headquarters today at 3 p.m.

When quizzed whether he will be formally charged by the Police today, Chief Allen said, “It is left with them but I thought they were going to jail me thus I brought along my over-night bag.” The over-night bag was then exhibited to newsmen in the back seat of his vehicle.

He said during his 45 minutes stay with the Police yesterday he was not tortured but quizzed after his lawyers provided the recording to the police. “They did not have the recording and upon their request my lawyers provided them the recording,” he explained.

Quizzed whether the recording his lawyer provided the police was edited, Chief Allen said, “Never”.