Kenneth Best Recounts Success Story Of PNW At Daily Observer

Kenneth Best Recounts Success Story Of PNW At Daily Observer

By Melissa Chea-Annan

The adage “Give a Man his Flowers while he is alive,” manifested itself over the weekend when honor was bestowed upon the Managing Editor of The INQUIRER, Philip N. Wesseh for his sacrificial services rendered to the country in professional journalism for 30 years.

The Managing Editor of the Daily Observer Newspaper, Kenneth Y. Best praised Mr. Wesseh for the level of maturity he exhibited while in the employ of the Institution (Observer) in his capacity as News editor.

In a special remarks at the Trinity United Methodist Church in the borough of New Kru Town, where a Thanksgiving Service in honor of Mr. Wesseh was held, journalist Best explained that Mr. Wesseh started with the Daily Observer in 1983 as the Paper’s correspondent in New Kru Town and wrote his first story under the caption “Erosion Renders 300 Homeless”.

According to Mr. Best, while serving as freelancer at the Observer, Mr. Wesseh produced more stories, which made him the highest paid reporter. He said Mr. Wesseh worked with diligence and humble spirit all through the years. Mr. Best stated that due to Mr. high earned salary which drew the concerns of other reporters who were underpaid, the Observer was compelled to employ Mr. Wesseh and include his name on the payroll.

The Observer boss said he admires Mr. Wesseh for numerous services he rendered to the country for the past 30 years and for being responsible in executing his duty. He stated that Mr. Wesseh left the Observer in 1984 when the institution closed, but later returned when the institution reopened in 1986. Mr. Best said the INQUIRER boss worked with the Observer Newspaper until 1990 when the civil crisis broke out.

According to him, Mr. Wesseh later moved on and established the INQUIRER in 1991 and the existence of the INQUIRER for 22 years has shown the kind of man Mr. Wesseh is. Mr. Best praised his former staff for being committed to covering and producing whenever he was charged with the responsibility of doing so.

Journalist Best urged other journalists to emulate the good examples of Mr. Wesseh in the profession since he has proven to be true son of the soil who has serve with honesty, accuracy and discipline. He said Mr. Wesseh has proven well and as such deserves the honor.

INQUIRER boss, Mr. Wesseh in response attributed his success story to the disciplines that were instilled in him from his former boss, Mr. Best. Mr. Wesseh appreciated his former boss for discipline, and for ensuring that he followed the ethics of the profession.

According to Mr. Wesseh the skills he acquired from the Daily Observer were the foundation on which he has excelled in the profession. “I want to thank Mr. Best for the discipline that is still carrying me through the profession. I thank him for the work ethics, and for encouraging me to be accurate and objective in the profession,” Mr.Wesseh added.

Mr. Wesseh said he admires his former boss and mentor for the disciplines which has portrayed him as a true leader.