Keeping An Eagle Eye

THE NEWLY APPOINTED Minister of Public Works, Dr. Antoinette Weeks, has vowed that if confirmed, her administration will not witch hunt anyone at the Ministry but would work with experienced and qualified people.

AT YESTERDAY’S CONFIRMATION hearing, Dr. Weeks told the committee on Public Works that she would decentralize the Ministry to dispel the notion that Monrovia is not Liberia. She said if confirmed by the Senate, she would engage both historical and young engineers to do a comprehensive plan in order to bring development to Liberia.

THE PUBLIC WORKS Minister designate told the committee members that she will not give contractors ‘water-down’ contracts because her objective will include the construction of standard roads, bridges and infrastructures around the country.

DR. WEEKS PROMISED the Senators that she would grade contractors and companies contracted by the Ministry but if a contractor or a company refuses to perform on road construction, she would not hesitate to blacklist it. Dr. Weeks further said her administration will not build roads that would last for one season because her experience as an engineer brings development to the people of Liberia.

INDEED, THESE ARE promises Liberians want to see implemented and not just words. Many ministers before Dr. Weeks said the same but went against their own promises thereby building substandard roads for which tax payers’ money was again used to rebuild those roads.

WE ARE KEEPING an eagle eye on the many promises being made by Dr. Weeks with the hope that she will be able to implement them because the Liberian people are eager for rapid development in the country.

WE BELIEVE THAT Dr. Weeks can deliver on her promises considering her past experience but we are also concerned about her own performance at the Ministry of Public Works because the Ministry of Public Works is one of the ministries that covers the entire country.

LET DR. WEEKS do everything possible to implement or go beyond what her predecessor did by ensuring that  Monrovia is connected to the rest of the counties and make sure that the country’s developmental agenda remains on course.

ANYTHING CONTRARY TO implementing the works of the Ministry of Public Works will indeed retard our developmental agenda; that is why we are calling on Dr. Weeks and her staff to remain focused on their job as we too are keeping eagle eyes on their activities.