Many Extol PNW For 30 Years Services

By Melissa Chea-Annan

The many accomplishments of INQUIRER Managing Editor, Philip N. Wesseh have proven beyond all reasonable doubts the notion many people hold that “Nothing Good can come out of New Kru Town”.

As a sign of appreciation to God, a special thanksgiving service was held at the Trinity United Methodist Church in New Kru Town last Friday to pay homage to Mr. Wesseh, a man who has served for 30 years in the field of journalism and as a recipient of a ‘National Award  as Commander: Star of Africa.’

At the well-attended ceremony, which brought together prominent citizens in the society as well as family members and well-wishers, Mr. Wesseh was praised for the distinguished services he has rendered to the country and its people through his professional work.

In separate statements, Mr. Wesseh was seen as one of those who have proven to the people of Liberia that indeed ‘something good does come out of New Kru Town.’ In the past, people in other communities expressed fear that New Kru Town is one of those communities in Montserrado County in which the residents were described as unserious people who believed in pleasure and trouble-shooting at all times.

However, Mr. Wesseh who grew up in the Borough of New kru Town acquired his early learning up to his high school education in that community turned out to be one of Liberia’s best in the profession of Journalism.

Former Minister of Information, Reginald Goodridge, who recalled the friendship between him and the honoree, pointed out that 30 years of journalism is a milestone as such was worth celebrating. Mr. Goodridge also expressed satisfaction that the Government of Liberia has recognized the works of Mr. Wesseh for which he was honored during the July 26 Independence Day celebration and encouraged the honoree to continue the good works.

At the ceremony, Mr. Goodridge pleaded with the media and its leadership that in the process of reconciliation, they should prevail on Journalist Rodney Sieh to apologize to former Minister Chris Toe for the situation that led him to prison, while on the other hand they should also prevail on Dr. Chris Toe to have pity on him and ensure that they resolve their differences.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Augustine Ngafuan who was also in attendance, said he was excited to see his good friend being honored while he is alive for the sacrificial role he has played in the society. He described Mr. Wesseh as one of the finest journalists the country has produced.

One of Liberia’s opposition politicians, Dr. Togba Nah Tipoteh who read a poem titled “The Philip Wesseh Story” said Mr.Wesseh’s honor was by no mistake because it was something well deserved.

The District Representative, Edward Forh, and the Governor of New Kru Town, Alice Weahin in separate statements commended the Inquirer boss for keeping the Inquirer on the newsstand and making New Kru Town a proud community by his fruits. He then urged others to emulate the good examples of Mr. Wesseh.

Former Minister of Finance, Wilson Tarpeh also stated that Mr. Wesseh would be used as reference to good things that come out of ‘New Kru Town’. He pointed out that the country is in trouble, and that it is time to fix it. He made specific reference to the Educational Sector, which he said is in deep crisis, though he clarified that the government is not responsible, but said Government has to take the right steps to fix it.

The Head of the Infinitive Cooperation, Aaron Kollie said he was proud of Mr. Wesseh for his 30 years of distinguished service to his country and people. He said Mr. Wesseh is one of the finest journalists and the best that Liberia has produced.

The Director of the Liberia Broadcasting System, D. Ambrose Nmah expressed satisfaction that he is blessed to be alive to hear of the good things Mr. Wesseh has done.

According to the LBS boss, Mr. Wesseh has always been there to point out the wrongs and rights, and ensuring that mistakes were corrected. He said Mr. Wesseh is a role model that other journalists should emulate.

The head of Radio Monrovia, Charles Snetter reflected on his closed friendship with the honoree and also indicated that the honor was well deserved and that others should follow his footsteps. He cautioned Mr. Wesseh to keep up the good works.

The Minister of National Defense, J. Brownie Samukai praised Mr. Wesseh for being an honest friend and for the professional manner in which he has performed his duty in the country. He said he is so proud of Mr. Wesseh who is a true son of the soil and has always been there even in difficult times.

The honoree, in response commended everyone for gracing the occasion and assured them that he will continue professional journalism and make meaningful contributions to the country and its people. He said he was grateful for being a son of New Kru Town because it is the foundation for his upbringing. During the ceremony Father Robert Tikpor offered special prayers for him.