IE Boss Tolbert Not Indebted, But…

IE Boss Tolbert Not Indebted, But...

By Edwin G. Wandah

Reports of IE Boss being indebted to players and technical staff of the team have been proven false.

Recently, some members of IE including IE Manager Papa Kamara said that Mr. Richard Tolbert owes the team about USD12, 000, 00 and has refused to pay them; a situation which has posed a serious embarrassment.

Reacting to Mr. Papa Kamara, Mr. Tolbert said the claims by those telling the public that he owes IE is a total falsehood and should not be given any credence.

Speaking further, Mr. Tolbert said he personally funded the team and he should be the one crying for pecuniary compensation and not anyone like the Papa Kamara who is claiming that he owes them.

Mr. Tolbert said IE owes him USD25, 000, 00 which has not been repaid by IE. “IE owes me USD25, 000, 00. I have been financing the team from own my account and they all know about it, so who should be crying at this time? “They are all ingrates since they cannot appreciate my efforts exerted toward their manpower development,” Mr. Tolbert stated.