Family Feud Puts Students Out Of School

By Garmonyou Wilson And Edwin G. Wandah

Students and parents of The Susan A. Berry Jr. and Senior High School in the Congo Town Community over the weekend blockaded and disrupted the free flow of traffic in protest of the school`s  proprietor’s family feud that was intended to close down the School.   According to the Vice Principal for Administration (VPA) George Natt, the protest by the students and parents erupted after they had paid their children’s registration and school fees and were waiting school to open when the feud amongst some of the family members who would run the school began.

Speaking with this paper, the VPA of the school said that the school’s proprietor, Jacob Berry has decided to hand over the running of the school to his wife and son, something that other relatives of the Berry family disagreed with.`

The family feud which has ended up in court, left several family members evicted from their residences on the school’s campus as their belongings were seen outside of the school’s gate.

The parents and the students of the school however were not concerned about the family’s problems as they put up placards demanding that they want to learn, and that the school should stop suppressing the poor.

The aggrieved parents and students in their demonstration blocked roads and threw rocks at the school building, until police came in and intervened.

Meanwhile, several persons were seen on early Friday and Saturday mornings demonstrating in Congo Town protesting and according to some of the protesting crowds who were predominantly youths, their decision to take to the street was in demand of what they referred to as “smells of corruption” if the school is entrusted to his and son.

When the INQUIRER interviewed some of the youthful students, they said their decision to take to the streets was in protest of what they called corruption under the carpet. “We considered this as hidden corruption and behind this our school risks future embarrassment or risks closure,” Jerry and Malcom stated.

Another young lady Princess Brooks said that plight continues to deteriorate on a daily basis. “I don’t know what is happening to this country; everyday, we hear different stories, something which has the propensity to destroy our fragile economy and the entire Liberian society. When will Liberia change from this bad style of leadership? Princess Brooks asked.

Several of the students that spoke with this paper said that the school being closed down came without a warning; most of the students who live in the community heard the news over the last couple of days before the planned demonstration.

However, Berry family members that were on the scene were told not to speak with the press as the case involving the Berry property is currently in court.

The Liberia National Police also could not speak on the issue as investigations were ongoing with no arrest made.