PPAL Ends W’shop For Disabilities

The Planned Parenthood Association of Liberia with support from the BMZ Project, the Federal Ministry for economic cooperation and development through the Government of Germany has ended a week long workshop for Persons with disabilities aimed at sensitizing them on Sexual and Reproductive Health issues.

According to a release, the workshop was the second in series in the process of promoting integrated Sexual and Reproductive Health and HIV Services for people with disabilities in Liberia beginning with training of Youth and Health workers as peer promoters and Service providers across Liberia.

The release says, the participants had the opportunity to ask questions about their health especially, Sexual and Reproductive Health and the challenges they faced.

The release notes, that the disables are considered marginalized and less fortunate group and do not readily have access to health facilities in the Country. Adding, this workshop trained the disables on the benefit of Family Planning including the use of contraceptives, and information on the consequence of Sexual transmitted infections.

The release further says, the objective of the Workshop is to create awareness on Sexual and Reproductive Health information especially for the disables.

The release points out, that people living with disabilities are Vulnerable to Sexual Transmitted diseases and need to be protected.

The release stressed, that most of the health facilities do not have Sign language interpreter and ramp for example to enable the disables gain medical attention freely.

The workshop brought together over hundred participants from all categories of persons with disabilities and the participants were drawn from various disable Institutions across Liberia including; the Group of “77”, the National Commission on disabilities, the National Union of Disable Organizations among others.