Pres. Sirleaf Sends Out Peace Message…But Tipoteh Differs

Pres. Sirleaf Sends Out Peace Message...But Tipoteh Differs

As Liberia marks a decade of peace, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has sent out a text message thanking Liberians for sustaining the peace but opposition Political Leader Dr. Togba Nah Tipoteh has differed.

In her SMS message sent to Liberians, President Sirleaf said, “I thank God for 10 years of peace and for your contribution to this great achievement. Let’s strengthen our bonds and prosper together. Always keep the Peace.”

However, in what appears to be a reaction to the President’s congratulatory message to Liberians for keeping the peace, Dr. Tipoteh, one of Liberia’s foremost politicians who also assisted in the disarmament of thousands of ex-combatants during the ECOMOG era differs greatly.

In a SMS message to fellow Liberians, Dr. Tipoteh said, “Dear EJS: Thanks for your peace message. We do not have peace. What we have is the absence of war. Although the absence of war is a necessary condition for peace, it is not the sufficient condition for peace.”

Dr. Tipoteh further wrote “only justice brings peace! When ECOMOG Left, the Government of Liberia (GOL) and the United Nations (UN) declared that there was peace in Liberia only to return to civil war because the GOL and the UN did not work for justice.”

Dr Tipoteh then told President Sirleaf that through her peace message and the 10 years of Peace Film of the UN, the same fatal mistake is being made and that renders the likelihood of fermenting another return to civil conflict.

Concluding, Dr. Tipoteh said, “Over six years, I have told the truth.”