Businessman On The Run

A Nigerian businessman, Anthony Odus, residing in the Netherlands has reportedly succeeded in robbing his Liberian business client of 2.9M Euro.

According to the information, Mr. Odus has since escaped his Palm Spring Hotel room on August 1, 2013 in Monrovia and has since been on the run.

Information gathered revealed that Mr. Odus is allegedly operating an Auto & Shipping Company in Euro under a business name, Anthony Odus Auto’s & Shipping with address Achterdijk 6-5705-CB Helmond-The Netherlands.

He arrived in Liberia recently in July 2013 to visit his would-be victim during the Independence Day celebration and was lodging at the Palm Spring Hotel.

He came to Liberia with the hope of getting additional money without knowing that his client was ready to confront him with facts on how he robbed him during initial transaction and did not deliver the goods for which he received the amount and by 419 means sent scrap materials to his customer.

According to the investigation, Mr. Odus cajoled his customer who preferred anonymity now and failed to produce the equipment for which the huge amount was received by him.

When he discovered that his victim was determined to turn him over to the Police, he begged for time to allow him contact his company in Euro to send the required equipment under the agreement that he would remain in Liberia until the arrival of the actual equipment before his departure from Liberia, something he reneged on and escaped.

To the surprise of his victim, Mr. Odus, according to the story, sent a gentleman with the key of a vehicle assigned to him by his customer while the car was parked at the Palm Spring Hotel and went his way. Since then, our source narrated that Odus whereabouts is unknown.

Accordingly, plans are underway to alert the police to have him traced and arrested.