About 30 Candidates Passed UL Post-graduate Exam…Of The Over 200, Only 37 Passed Law Sch. Test

More information emerging has revealed that less than 30 candidates who sat the University of Liberia (UL) entrance examinations for the Graduate Program made a successful pass.

Recently more than 1,000 candidates sat the UL entrance examinations for the Graduate Program while more than 20,000 candidates also sat the test for the Undergraduate program.

The INQUIRER gathered reports that there was no candidate who passed both English and Mathematic subjects. The information further revealed that all of the over 20,000 candidates who sat the exams for the Undergraduate    Program failed massively in the English subject, while a small percent of the candidates passed in Mathematics.

According to the UL test standard, for a candidate to enroll at the University, such candidate must pass in both Mathematics and English but recently the UL put a halt to students taking remedial courses which gave them easy access to enrolling at the University.

With such mandate from the University, observers believe that this latest report is a clear indication that all of the over 25,000 candidates who sat the examinations failed since all of the candidates failed in English.

On the status of candidates who sat the replacement test for the Louis Arthur Grimes School of Law, The INQUIRER has gathered report that out of over 200 candidates, 37 candidates made a successful pass.

Meanwhile, the Administration of the University of Liberia is expected to host a major press conference shortly to give an update on the results.