Sustaining The Peace

LIBERIANS ARE BY now celebrating 10 years of uninterrupted peace since the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement in Accra, Ghana on August 18, 2003. Sunday, August 18, 2013 will make it exactly ten years since the cessation of hostilities in the country.

RECENTLY WHILE ADDRESSING the regular press briefing of the Ministry of Information, Culture & Tourism, the Minister of State without Portfolio, Conmany Wesseh called on Liberians to rededicate themselves to lasting peace and tranquility as the country celebrates the implementation of the scrupulous implementation of the Comprehensive Peace Accord.

IN HIS STATEMENT, Ambassador Wesseh said Liberians must thank themselves for the immeasurable gains that they have made over the past ten years building and consolidating peace, promoting reconciliation and pursuing development after 14 years of a devastating war.

TO THIS WE join Amb. Wesseh in reminding our good citizens that despite our differences we must remember that we are all Liberians and as such we must remember that whatsoever we do must be for the good and betterment of our society.

WE SHOULD ALWAYS use dialogue to resolve our differences for the common good of Mama Liberia, our common patrimony and never again resort to any act that has the potential or propensity to degenerate us.

AT THE SAME time, while we exercise our rights of freedom of speech and expression, these rights must be exercised in the context of nationalism and patriotism. In the same vein, we call on the Government of Liberia to exert every effort in meeting the basic social needs of its citizens.

WE ARE AWARE of the enormous challenges facing the government following a devastating civil conflict that ravaged every fabric of our society but not withstanding, we call on government to do a holistic review aimed at tackling some of the challenges so as to bring about improvement in the wellbeing of the Liberian people.

WE ALSO WANT to thank all Liberians for keeping and sustaining the peace despite the many challenges. Let us do everything possible to sustain the peace as has been done over the past ten years.

WE ALSO HAIL the crafters of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) for job well done because their action paved the installation of a democratically-elected government in 2006. Since then Liberia is increasingly diminishing any chance of relapsing into another armed conflict. This must be celebrated as a milestone by Liberians; our brothers and sisters from the West African Sub-region, Africa as a whole and the friends of the broader international community.

AT THE SAME time, let us not be complacent about our achievements. Liberians must continue to work for lasting peace and reconciliation in the midst of the many challenges. Let us continue to do those things that will indeed sustain the peace we are enjoying currently.