Sen. Dan Morias Takes Cyril Allen to Task…Says He Has “No Moral Rectitude” For His Call

By Alva M. Wolokolie

Amidst recent pronouncement  by the former ruling National Patriotic Party (NPP) chairman Cyril Allen that President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf should resign and turn power to Vice President Joseph N. Boakai, Maryland County (NPP) Senator Dan H. Morais has reacted strongly to him that he lacks the moral rectitude to seek unorthodox means to bring down a President that was democratically elected.

Sen. Morais said that Mr. Allen brainwashed young people to take up arms against other peaceful citizens and should not be the one to say that this government has failed when the NPP could not transform the lives of the Liberians when the opportunity was provided.

Speaking to Journalists in the joint chambers of the Capitol Building, Senator Morais cautioned Chief Allen to take advantage of the law if he has any problem with the current governing establishment instead of inviting ex-combatants to join him to unseat the President.

Taking into consideration that corruption exists in the government as Mr. Allen has stated, the Maryland County Senator reminded his former NPP chairman that he has the freedom under the law to assemble and petition the House of Representatives to begin impeachment proceedings of counts against the President but such freedom does not call for the impeachment of the President. .

“My colleague Cyril Allen went out of order. I talked to him already concerning his statement and he promised to go back on the radio to clarify what he said. It is a draconian statement to say ex-combatants should join him to remove the President if she does not resign. Let him keep quiet because he does not stand the grounds to say what he stated,” Sen. Morais asserted.

Sen. Morais however wants Liberians to re-think before making any decision when it borders around national security because the situation within the Arab Spring has not been successful since it started with the former Libyan leader Col. Mohammed Kaddafi, upward to Tunisia, Syria, and now Egypt.

He told reporters that one of the reasons for which he decided to react to Mr. Allen’s comment is that when such a situation occurs, there will be an uncertainty as to who takes over as head of the country.

Morais who chairs the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations mentioned that as an official in the Unity Party (UP) led government, it would be irresponsible to sit and allow a handful of individuals to disrupt the 10 years of peace being celebrated by Liberians since the Accra Comprehensive Peace Accord.