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Finance, MCSS Employees Booked For Bus Theft

The Liberian government has charged four employees of the Ministry of Finance and the Monrovia Consolidated School System for allegedly stealing and conniving to steal an 18-seated white Toyota Hiace Bus plate # IFMIS-4, VIN # JTGIS502P7B5012017 value at US25, 000.

According to the police charge sheet, defendants Ballah Sesay, Prince Nebo, Prince Kamara and John Cummings had allegedly admitted to executing their plan well as they explained to the investigation that it was defendant Kamara who provided the license plate that was used to transport the stolen vehicle in neighboring Guinea.

The defendants were all arrested in the Republic of Guinea by an elite unit of the Guinean Law Enforcement Service called Gendarmerie on August 11, 2013 at about 6:00 p.m. and turned over to the Interpol NCB Monrovia and Liberia Transitional Crime Unit for investigation.

The investigation gathered that the stolen vehicle which belongs to the Ministry of Finance, Government of Liberia was planned by the defendants to be turned over to the brother of defendant Kamara, one Ahmed Osuman who resides in Guinea so that he in return can give them US$2, 000 as their share of the proceeds from the sale of the said vehicle.

The investigation further quoted defendant Sesay as reporting that he had a detailed facebook chat with defendant Nebo concerning the sale of the vehicle and that defendant Nebo confirmed how he had given the original keys of the vehicle to defendant Sesay since July, 2013 and it was duplicated in Gardnersville.

The investigation explained how defendant Nebo confessed to have given the license plate provided by defendant Kamara to defendants Sesay and Cummings at the Redlight on Wednesday, July 7, 2013 prior to their departure to Guinea.

It was also said that defendant Kamara has admitted to providing a license plate marked RL-1959 that replaced the original plate #IFMIS-4 and contacting his brother to aid them in the sale of the vehicle once it enters Guinea.

Meanwhile, the investigation said coupled with witnesses’ accounts and the retrieved government vehicle as evidence, as well as the chat messages on the facebook, it resolved to charge all defendants with Theft of Property and Criminal Conspiracy which is a violation of Section 15.51 and 10.4 of the Reversed Penal Code, as the defendants now await an indictment; C. Winnie Saywah writes.




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