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ECC Concerned About “Level Field Act”

The Elections Coordinating Committee, (ECC) is very much concerned about a proposed Bill entitled “Level Field Act” that is before the House of Representatives for endorsement. The ECC strongly opposes the passage of this Bill for the following reasons:    That the proposed Bill does not seek to promote the common good or public interest;

That the proposed Bill is discriminatory as it targets the Executive Branch of government and leaves out the Judicial and legislative branches;

That the proposed Bill contains more than one subject in breach of Article 35 of the Liberia Constitution which states:  “No bill or resolution shall embrace more than one subject which shall be expressed in its title”.

That the proposed Bill grossly violates Article 18 of the Liberian Constitution which states that:

“All Liberian citizens shall have equal opportunity for work and employment regardless of sex, creed, religion, ethnic background, place of origin or political affiliation, and all shall be entitled to equal pay for equal work”.

In the view of the ECC, the intent of this Bill is influenced by deep seated greed and self-interest. The ECC wishes to point out that there is no need for this Bill because the 2011 Elections Guidelines and Regulations Section 8 (Eight) count 2 which states that:

“Political parties and candidates shall not utilize public resources for campaign activities and shall not receive any contribution resulting from an abuse of state resources”.

The selfishness of the Bill lies in the fact that the lawmakers are calling for members of the Executive Branch who have interest in elected posts to resign but that they can retain their seats while at the same time run to be President.

The ECC wishes to state that all members of the three branches of government are paid from tax payers’ money so if the lawmakers are concerned about a level playing field, they too should resign before contesting.

The ECC wonders why the lawmakers have failed to perform their Constitutional mandate in passing the Code of Conduct Bill in keeping with Article 90 (c) of the Constitution. The ECC therefore calls on other lawmakers of good will to oppose this Bill as it does not promote the interest of the Liberian people.



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