Crisis Rocks Nimba Caucus

By Alva M. Wolokolie

Confusion has engulfed Nimba County Legislative caucus with 10 of its members signing a resolution expelling the Senior Senator and Chairman of the caucus Prince Y. Johnson for time indefinite.The caucus which comprises 11 members is the second largest caucus within the 53rd Legislature. The first is Montserrado County with 17 members.

With the exception of Rep. Worlea-Saywah Dunah of District #7, Nimba County who won on the ticket of the governing Unity Party (UP), the rest of the lawmakers are all partisans of the National Union Democratic Party (NUDP) of Sen. Prince Y. Johnson who contested the 2011 Presidential elections and took second place to the Unity Party (UP) of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

At a jam-packed press conference held at the Capitol Building yesterday, August 15, 2013, the caucus Secretary General Rep. Worlea-Saywah Dunah told reporters that since the existence of the 52nd to the 53rd Legislature almost a period of 8 years, Sen. Johnson has been the perennial and persistently a regular source and agitator of all conflicts, tensions and dissensions amongst the Nimba caucus with serious consequences for the pursuit of the development needs of the people. He said such action does not fall in line with the purpose and intent of the working of a caucus or legislative delegation.

The 10 men caucus explained that they deeply regret that overtime Sen. Prince Y. Johnson has repeatedly brought the county and its proud people to public ridicule and national disgrace, and that the Senator has by all indications lost all sense of direction and reneged on the sacred trust of the Nimba people by his repeated misrepresentations of the true values of that great county by wild and unfounded allegations, propagation of falsehoods in the media and casting of personal insults at members of the caucus.

Senator Johnson has also been accused of repeated issuance of death threats to members of the caucus, raining of insults at parents of members of the caucus who differ with him over public policy. The group also pointed out that the former chairman of the caucus has been grossly involved in the exhibition of lack of capacity to comprehending the nature and requirement of the high office to which the people of Nimba have reposed their trusts and future in their hands.

Convinced that those behaviors are patented, the caucus Secretary General Rep. Saywah Dunah blasted that Sen. Johnson is totally incapable of working with normal people and have become nothing more than an open political embarrassment  to the people of Nimba and an unnecessary distraction to the Nimba Legislative caucus and undermining the sworn agenda of the caucus to pursue the supreme interest of the Nimba people in a united and organized fashion as their culture and tradition in Nimba demands and modern politics requires.

“Sen. Johnson’s repeated incorrigible actions and utterances represent the worst extent of injury to our people’s interest from an elected son of Nimba,” the caucus said.

Commenting further, Rep. Saywah Dunah clarified that Sen. Johnson will be allowed to reapply for membership upon exhibition of open remorse and open and public apology to the people of Nimba for his numerous and repeated un-senatorial behavior which constitutes to bringing the people of Nimba to shame.

Minutes after the press conference, when the INQUIRER contacted Sen. Johnson at his office in the Capitol Building to respond to the allegation made against him that led to his expulsion, he replied that he does not want to address the issue now because he has to consult one Mr. Wilfred Bangura.