Liberian Inventor Wants To Meet Ellen…Invents Clock, Care Games

Liberian Inventor Wants To Meet Ellen...Invents Clock, Care Games

A Liberian Inventor, Mr. Louis K. Tealeh is still appealing to President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf to grant him audience to discuss issues relative to his plight.

Mr. Tealeh works as a consultant at the LPRC but said he’s been marginalized at his workplace and placed where he has no means of performing as a consultant adding, “No opportunity to contribute to the larger society; my talent is being hampered.”

He said despite his numerous inventions, there has been no funding from the Liberian Government and that President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has refused audience with him. “I invented the President’s Album and many other inventions but I need encouragement to undertake this task,” said Mr. Tealeh.

Tealeh then called on government to enable create a factory for his work to enable him invent many other things to serve as a boost to Liberia. He said the invention of things can’t be done on the street but in a particular area.

At the same time, Mr. Tealeh has invented a Clock Game to have the time set to any hour (1-12 0′ clock). According to him, the player will win, only when the clock is set to an hour. He has also invented the Care Game. The objective of the game is to test the skills (carefulness) to play the game.