ANC Begins Establishing Headquarters

The Alternative National Congress says the Party has begun establishing headquarters in the 15 political sub-divisions of Liberia.   The ANC Executive Committee in a statement issued on August 12 explained that, at the moment, the ANC is busying itself with party building activities and that it is opened to anyone who desires membership in a responsible and responsive political institution. “If you have the desire to build a King or Emperor, then the ANC is not your party of choice,” the Committee said.

According to the statement, the ANC said its partisans, well-wishers and Liberians from all walks of life should be reminded that no institution that engages in exclusion, marginalization or restrictive membership can lead this beloved country of ours. “The party that is able to build a responsible and responsive governing coalition is what the Liberian people desire and this is what the ANC is offering,” ANC said.

The ANC Executive Committee further disclosed that the Party has embarked on a massive party building initiative in Liberia as well as the Diaspora. “As the ANC prepares to present itself as the most viable governing alternative in   2017, it is necessary to enlist the support of all Liberians wherever they reside,” the Executive Committee stated.

ANC said, “Additionally, other members of the Party who live in the United States are equally building branches in various states in the United States of America. In the next few weeks, this party building activity will extend to Liberians living in Africa and Europe.”

The Committee said the ANC fundamental principle that gave rise to its formation is that building institutions rather than individuals is key to political development in Liberia and that the ANC was birthed to undermine the vice of building political institutions around individuals.

“The ANC therefore wishes to assure all its well-wishers and sympathizers that the Party belongs to no single individual; that the ANC has no political leader; and that the ANC has no presumptive standard bearer. If we follow the same destructive path as other political parties, then there would be no moral ground for the establishment of the ANC,” the ANC Executive Committee maintained.