Unidentified Dead Body Found In Bardnersville

Unidentified Dead Body Found In Bardnersville

By Vacation Students

A body of an unidentified dead man, dressed in a blue T-Shirt, black sweater and a pair of blue Jeans trousers was discovered yesterday morning on the soccer pitch of the Bardnersville Estate Area B Community.

Some eye witnesses alleged that the unidentified man must have been strangled to death, while others believed that he was mobbed by his attackers in an attempt to snatch away someone’s cell phone from the Area B community of Bardnersville Estate.

Our vacation students who visited the scene, observed that parts of the victim’s body were broken with his eyes burst; his ankle was seen with several cuts and some of the weapons, believed to have been used during the attack, were seen closed to his corpse. The weapons included a piece of stick, with nails stuck on it, a steel rod and cutlasses.

Some passers-by who glanced at the body described him as a criminal based on his dressed code. Some security officers were seen on the scene but reserved comments, pending an investigation.

Some of the residents complained that the crime rate is on the increase in their community and called on the Liberian Government to ensure that measures be put into place to address the situation. One of the on-lookers suggested that the act of killing people by their attackers should be abolished and pleaded that Liberians obey the rule of law and see reasons to forgive if a person does wrong.