ELCL Forms Partnership With LCMS

ELCL Forms Partnership With LCMS

The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Liberia (ELCL) has formed a partnership with the United States based Lutheran Church of Missouri Synod (LCMS) to uphold the teachings of the Holy Bible.

Speaking at a Thanksgiving Service over the weekend, the Bishop and President of ELCL, Amos Bolay said that with 137 branches of ELCL across Liberia the partnership with LCMS  is because they have the true teaching of Jesus Christ.

He continued that a protocol means the two churches would share resources and that the resources come with benefits, benefits that are eternal, material and social.

Bishop Bolay averred that the relationship with LCMS started in 1978 but was ended due to the country’s civil conflict and now that relationship has been changed into a partnership that would last forever.

The Pastor of the Christ Assembly Lutheran Church in the USA and a member of the Missouri Synod, Rev. Lawrence Gboeah told members of ELCL in his sermon that the fellowship that the churches have created means a ‘New Day’ for ELCL.

Rev. Gboeah said that fellowship was voted upon unanimously with 947 to 7 in the US and now because of the partnership a good day has arrived for the churches.

He then assured members of ELCL who attended the Thanksgiving Service that he would take back to the US the enthusiasm felt by ELCL.

Some of the ELCL member churches that attended the Thanksgiving Service were the Upper Room Evangelistic Lutheran Church, Christ Assembly Evangelistic Lutheran Church, Holy Ghost Evangelistic Lutheran Church, St. Martin Evangelistic Lutheran Church, among others.