8 Former Police Officers Charged For Stealing

Eight individuals identified as former police officers have been charged with Theft of Property in an alleged connection with defendants Yaya Kailer and Mohammed Kamara, both of whom are employees of the NAWEN Night Club located at the New Georgia Junction.

Even though the police has qualified the suspects as ex-policemen, the charge sheet obtained from the police said the acts of the former police defendants, Benjamin I. Duncan, Augustine W. Siryehwee, Leo Lincoln, Prince T. Sendolo, Alvin Quoigboah, Will Duo, George Granett, Emmanuel Massaquoi and Victor Y. Karduah, violated chapter 3, section 3.2 and chapter 3.3.2 of the duty manual of the Liberia National Police.

In the detail of the offense, the police reported that on August 2, 2013, 2 a.m. the proprietor of the New Creation/NAWEN Bar and Restaurant locked her night club and left the amount of LD359,000 and US$400 in a brown cartoon and placed same behind the bar under the care of her employees.

The complainant, Mary Kolubah told the police that when she tried calling her employees at about 3 a.m.  their cell phones were all off and at 7 a.m. she went to the Bar and observed that two of her employees were nowhere to be found.

She immediately informed the police and was later informed that defendants (employees) Yaya and Mohammed had been arrested in the Redlight area by former policemen Leo Lincoln, Prince Sendolo and Will Duo who had taken their share of the money in the amount of LD30, 000 from the two employees who were onboard PC-35540.

Meanwhile, the police charge sheet revealed that the former OPS 8 and the former patrol officer of Zone 8, defendants Benjamin Duncan and Victor Karduah, admitted arresting a Red Nissan car with plate # PC-35540 which had the balance money but denied ever being informed about money being onboard.

The charge sheet said defendant Augustine Siryehwee ordered defendants Alvin Quoigboah, Emmanuel Massaquoi and George Garnett, all former police officers of Zone 8 who had retrieved the stolen money to return same but they refused. C. Winnie Saywah, reports.