Wanted Lebanese Turns Himself In

The alleged Lebanese national human trafficker Anthony Kassabli who was recently declared WANTED by the government of Liberia after he absconded from state security has turned himself in to the Lebanese community president Ezzat Eid.

Suspect Kassabli early yesterday morning turned himself over to the president of the World Lebanese Cultural Union Ezzat Eid.  Mr. Eid subsequently, turned in Anthony Kassabli over to the government of Liberia, through the Ministry of Justice at about 11 a.m.

According to the suspect, he absconded from the state because he was sick and was afraid that something would have happened to him while in jail at the Monrovia Central prison. He confessed that he did the wrong thing by escaping but blamed it on fear and illness. Kassabli disclosed that he is suffering from heart disease and blood pressure. “I did the wrong thing by running away and I know that no matter what, I could not escape justice,” Anthony noted.

The two Kassabli (father and son) are now reminded behind bars at the Monrovia Central prison awaiting court trial for their alleged link to human trafficking and gang rape.

The Minister of Justice Christian Tah has lauded the president of the Lebanese community for his involvement into the re arrest of the suspect. Mr Eid said no one should be above the laws of Liberia no matter their nationality and status in the country. The Lebanese community president said he has been relieved by the turning over of the suspect. “The suspects have to face justice, we are under the laws of Liberia and not on top of the laws,” Eid stated.

Mr. Eid urged all Lebanese in the country to respect the laws of Liberia if they want to live in peace and dignity in the country. He said the community is fully convinced that there is a transparent justice system in Liberia and the suspects will have fair trial.