Liberian Professionals Train Bankers Today

The International Executive Service Corps (IESC) credit enhancement program will commence phase two of a private-partnership IBEX program sponsored by USAID-Liberia for businesses and bankers beginning tomorrow, August 13 through August 22.

The two-week training program begins with a four-day workshop starting on Wednesday with focus on conducting trainings for USAID partner banks and members of the Liberian Bankers Association followed by a two-day training exercise for Small and Medium Enterprises in Agribusiness and renewable energy sectors.

The training of business development consultants Training of Trainers for the formation of a Business Development Consortium will climax the training package while presentations will be made by a commercial banker from Washington, DC along with other locally based Liberian executives with business development and commercial credit experiences.

Addressing newsmen at a press briefing giving awareness to the exercises, the IESC Chief of Party Watchen Harris Bruce said the objective of the exercise is to reinforce and expand the professional skills of bankers and loan officers.

She emphasized that the objective for the training of bankers is to provide a comprehensive understanding of the credit process, analysis process, loan review, and documentation as well as to give existing and potential small business operators the edge in the skills.

Madam Bruce said the training for businesses is to ensure that they are properly prepared when they present themselves to the bankers as being profitable and being able to submit loan proposals therefore the training for them is basically on how to market themselves to the commercial banks to access credits.

She averred that one of the major constraints of business is access to financing and observed that it is more than that instead it is really the lacking of institutional capacity and for businesses to present themselves to access financing.

Madam Bruce said USAID a donor partner saw the need to tap into Liberia’s development agenda and help Liberian businesses increase employment through its three-year program that is intended to train businesses and bankers to take over so that the cycle does not break; C. Winnie Saywah reports