Liberian-Indo Students Commend India Gov’t…As More Liberian STudents Leave The Country Soon

Liberian-Indo Students Commend India Gov't...As More Liberian STudents Leave The Country Soon

By Charles B. Yates

The Liberian-Indo student’s beneficiaries have commended the Indian government for giving them the opportunity to study in that country.  The students have also appealed to the Indian government to continue with the program so that other Liberian students will have the opportunity to advance themselves and lauded the people of India for the hospitality granted them while in their country.

The students made the commendation during a vis-a-vis with the Indian Ambassador accredited to Liberia, Anil K. Sharan and the Indian Consul General Jeety recently in Monrovia.

Ambassador Sharan also promised on behalf of his government that the bilateral relationship between Liberia and India will continue to exist and be fruitful. He urged the students to utilize what they have acquired from their studies to develop their country. He said the program will continue to exist as long as the two countries remain friendly.