“Don’t Do Things People In The Dark Do”…Preacher Urges UMU Graduates At Baccalaureate

The Senior Pastor of the First United Methodist Church in Monrovia, Rev. Erlene Thompson has challenged graduates of the United Methodist University not to do things like people in the dark and do not go to places they go.

Rev. Thompson who delivered the sermon at the 10th Baccalaureate Service on Sunday indicated that when people are enlightened educationally, they are delivered from ignorance because they will have the ability to think right and make sound decisions.

According to her when people have education they have the ability to better their lives and when people are enlightened, it gives them the ability to make things work. Rev. Thompson pleaded with the female graduates not to give their bodies for money or jobs, while the male graduates on the other hand should be careful with men who offer quick jobs and money.

“They are short gains, instead be proud of what you labor earnestly for. There is dignity in labor. Say no! Remember your bodies are the temple of God. The fact that it is so, that greed and lust, selfishness and cruelty are dominant is manifested in many ways,” Rev. Thompson stated.

The Methodist clergywoman also called on the graduates, to make a choice as enlightened sons and daughters of God who can help their country get light, or go their own way and busy themselves with the little physical, material and social things of life and neglect the spiritual issues and see their country and children’s children go down to an inescapable doom.

Rev. Thompson stated that whenever one refuses to do the right thing such person experiences the consequences of his or her actions and that if one realizes the need to rise up and shine; it means that person has started experiencing enlightenment from above.

She reiterated that ignorance is not good for any child of God in that economic ignorance kills, social ignorance discriminates; political ignorance is a deadly weapon; educational ignorance is a weapon of mass destruction; and spiritual ignorance leads to eternal damnation.

According to the Reverend, ignorance brings greater harm to the people and the nation, and that when one is ignorant he or she is controlled wrongfully by those who claim to be enlightened. She said ignorance pays a great price in their lives.

“Education is a great source of Enlightenment; Education opens the minds of those who choose to pursue amidst the many challenges; study with no food; walk to school; use candles at night and spend thousands of dollars to do your assignments,” Rev Thompson stated.

Rev. Thompson further stated that education takes one from the Republic of ignorance to the Republic of knowledge and understanding and that when an individual receives education, he or she is delivered from the spirit of poverty and it also brings people closer. She said education is an opportunity that opens greater opportunities for an individual, because it makes one a better person and takes that person from one level to another.

Rev. Thompson assured the graduates that there is hope, and it is for them and every Liberian to carry the light of hope out into the world, so that it may be shared by their fellow men and women. “This light is to permeate to the remotest parts of the world. It is your job, as one of the enlightened of God, to bring that light.” She said.

The Methodist Reverend pointed out that if there has ever been a generation of people who should have had the capacity to understand the truth it ought to be the graduates. “Let me challenge you today that Liberia depends on you to make the difference in the job market. The United Methodist University depends on you to raise the banner of good works and earnest labor in the corners the Lord will assign you. You are the Light of the World,” she concluded.