Pealat Shames Detractors

The Management of the Pealat Construction Company (PCC) says its attention has been drawn to recent unwarranted media onslaught underpinned by petty jealousy and ignorance against the Company and its Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Mr. Praise O. Tony Lawal, following the completion and subsequent dedication of the much politicized Belle Yellah Road by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf recently in July.

Mr. Lawal said the Management is fully aware of those who are behind these media assaults in the past few weeks, and it would not be detracted by those anti-developmental conspiracies and campaigns by dignifying them in any manner of form, including their perpetrators, because they are not accompanied by facts, but inundated with miscalculated information as evident by their inadequacies.

He stated further that they clearly understand how deeply these individuals are frustrated and disappointed as a result of tremendous progress and achievements Pealat is making in the country’s infrastructural sector ahead of others, including the successful completion of the Belle Yellah Road, which allowed Pres. Sirleaf to fulfill her promise “non-walk visit” to Belle Yellah last July.

According to him, detractor argued in the past that Pealat lacked the capacity to implement the 84km Belle Yallah Road Project, and in fact nurtured the public with falsehood that the road was abandoned, while at the same time maneuvering intensely to take over the contract.

‘After the completion of the road, our attackers are now reducing the road to 35km which is a total misrepresentation of facts about the project.’ The management said.  There pointed out that there were others, who contended that the Sirleaf regime was not able to fulfill its promise to the people in Belle Yellah, but to their dismay, the promise was fulfilled and the road was dedicated and to their shame and disgrace, engineers of the embattled Pealat took them by surprise when it was announced that the President drove to Belle Yalleh and subsequently dedicated the project, which we believe is the source of their outburst.

He added that as a technical Institution, they would have chosen to remain silent on these issues, since they are not bordered on technical imperfection of their works, but that they are constrained because of the gullibility of the society to provide clarification on their latest debate, including nationality issue, contract value and its legality, alleged bribery, security implication and an alleged presidential connection to get contracts and is not interested in making empty promises or doing its business in the media but that the Company believes in hard work and commitment as technical entity.

Mr. Lawal clarified that Pealat does not win contracts on the basis of presidential connection or influence as being insinuated by some weak contractors who do not have the capability to pre-finance projects, or even implement them successfully when they are paid.  “We have the equipment, the manpower, technical expertise and all it requires to compete in the reconstruction of Liberia, something others do not have,” Lawal stated.

He said for the original Belle Yellah Road Contract, it would be necessary for those who want to know the total value to contact the Ministries of Public Works, Justice and Finance instead of speculating and feeding the public with misguided information.

Mr. Lawal continued that while they are consulting their lawyers for appropriate  legal advice on some of these baseless  allegations, which are only intended to undermine their integrity  and present a gloomy picture of their CEO and the Entity and are therefore appealing to their media friends not to lend credence to these anti-developmental agents, who are undermining government’s infrastructure agenda by their non-compliance in the implementation of contracts awarded them by the Government after receiving payments and could not perform,  but  bent on grimy campaign which will not help them in anyway.

He said while it is true that Liberians are practicing freedom of speech and are making maximum use of it for the first time under the Sirleaf regime, it is necessary not to forget that it has legal obligation to hold people accountable for statements made which have the ability to impinge on individual’s reputation.

He stated that whether the CEO of Pealat is an ex-ECOMOG soldier or not as being insinuated, we humbly refer the accusers to go to the Nigerian Embassy in Congo Town, because we believe the Nigerian Government has information on all those who served its army before, during and after the peacekeeping mission in Liberia and to those who are questioning Mr. Lawal’s Liberian citizenship, we urge them to go to the relevant government agency for clarity instead of misleading the public with falsehood because Mr. Lawal is not only a Liberian citizen, but one who is productive and making significant contributions to the development of the country.

“We are not surprised that some detractors of the Sirleaf regime would leave the actual issues and unleash their venom at those who are government’s partners in progress. While Liberians are not debating who are citizens or not, detractors who do not have the ability to perform in developing the country, are reducing development issues to citizenship debate,” he averred.

“Meanwhile, the Pealat Management is grateful to God Almighty, and also applauds Pres. Sirleaf for her support and commitment demonstrated in the implementation of the Belle Yellah Road project. Our thanks also go to the Ministry of Public Works, the legislative committees on Public Works, the leadership of Gbarpolu County and all those who contributed to the successful implementation and dedication of the road, although others still doubt whether the President, indeed had the opportunity to drive to Belle Yellah uninterrupted and slept there before she performed the dedicatory ceremony,” he explained.

He said it is shameful that, while others are lavishing praises on the Liberian leader for the completion of the Belle Yellah Road and encouraging her administration to continue its partnership with Pealat, others are demonstrating their hatred of good things the President is doing in the country as evident by recent media propaganda.

Pealat maintained that it cannot be deterred by these anti-developmental outburst underpinned by frustration, envy and devilish intent orchestrated by their perpetrators because they see them as motivational factors and a way to carry on massive publicity of the Company which has reached the level to contend with international companies operating in Liberia.