Muslims End Ramadan Today

Muslims in Liberia will today end a month-long Ramadan in the country with prayer for peace and reconciliation.

As Muslims end the Ramadan today in Liberia the Grand Mufti of the Gurley Street Mosque, Sheikh Sumaro said Muslims must end violence in every part of the world and that the conference decided that Muslim women be allowed to be educated as the world moves forward.

Announcing the release, Sheikh Sumaro said all Muslims have agreed that Ramadan ends today across the country following 29 days of fasting adding that during the end of the fast all Muslims in Liberia will be breaking fast in Liberia and other parts of the world.

Sheikh Sumaro at the same time lauded the Government of Liberia for assisting Liberian Muslims during the time of fasting and called on all Muslims to embrace peace and reconciliation amongst Liberians.

He also praised diplomats from other parts of the world in Liberia for their immense contributions adding that the Muslims will forever remember them for aiding them during the time of fasting.