Police Rounds Up Several “Prostitutes

By Garmonyou Wilson

The Paynesville City Corporation (PCC) and the Liberia National Police (LNP) rounded up some fifty girls off the streets over the weekend alleged to be ‘Prostitutes.’

The PCC and LNP underwent a joint operation aimed at rescuing young girls from a life of prostitution and involving in other crimes.

The spokesman for the LNP, Sam Collins said that many complaints have come from the GSA community called Delta Booth, so the PCC went to the courts to obtain warrants to have the Sheriff come in and evict an underground motel in the community that is believed to be harboring prostitution and drug related crimes.

He continued that the LNP’s Women and Children Protection Section led the raid that rescued the young girls; they were screened and then sent to court the next morning.

Mr. Collins said that the girls that were arrested were seen in the act, caught in rooms, underaged or showed suspicion in the community that the operation was being carried out. He added that if a young woman or man was caught in the act then after a thorough screening process those who are found not to be in violation of any laws would be released.

The head of the Women and Children Protection Section of the LNP, Vera Manly said that all the girls that were detained would be screened and proper rehabilitation services would be given them to try to help them live a better life.

She continued that the LNP is also calling on the communities that prostitution and other crimes are being carried out to work along with the police in order to put these guys away, so that they can all well by ensuring that the future of this country which women and children have a large stake in can be better by making sure that they receive better opportunities to achieve.

For their part, a source at the PCC said that the Corporation is working with the Court to clear the area on the GSA Road called the Delta Booth, so young girls are not continuously used by pimps and the like.

It can be recalled that on several occasions the LNP with the Gender Ministry launched similar raids to get young female prostitutes off the streets.