LBDI Board Backs Bank’s President

The Board of Directors of the Liberia Bank for Development and Investment (LBDI) has noted with grave concern the indictment of the bank by and thru its Chief Executive Officer Mr. John B. S. Davies and Madam Gloria Menjor the Deputy Chief Executive Officer in the ongoing Liberia Airport Authority alleged Corruption Scandal.

In a release, the bank noted that while the Board cannot comment on the specifics of this matter which is before the courts, the Board having reviewed the facts and circumstances wishes to inform the public that it expresses full confidence in the Executive Officers of the Bank and remains unconvinced of any wrong doing on the part of the bank.

The release furthered that the bank will avail itself to all legal processes in ensuring the resolution of this matter.

The Board also assured shareholders, investors, depositors and the general public that the bank remains a firm institution supporting the banking and developmental needs of the Liberian People.

“The Bank remains vibrant and strong and the Executive Officers, Mr. John B. S. Davies and Madam Gloria Menjor continue to enjoy the full confidence and support of the board in the discharge of their functions,” the release concluded.