LMDC To Close Dormant Medical Institution

By Jefferson D. Tweh

The newly elected Chairman of the Liberia Medical and Dental Council (LMDC), Dr. John Mulbah, says the Liberia Medical and Dental Council will not relent to close down any medical Institution that does not meet the standard of providing quality health services to the people in the country.

Dr. Mulbah stated on Monday in Monrovia that some medical institutions are below the standard of providing services to its patients and several others who go to seek medical attention. He made specific reference to those who sell expire goods on the market at the risk of their consumers

Dr. Mulbah said his staff will conduct an assessment in the field to identify those medical institutions that continue to endanger the lives of the citizens and will not hesitate to close down any institution, whether private or public that violates those basic health requirements.

“There are some medical institutions in the country that do not even provide good standard of eminence of health services and that is a serious problem. In our country, we must apply an effort to make sure that quality health services be on the Liberian market,” Dr. Mulbah said.

According to Dr. Mulbah, LMDC has a mandate to monitor and regularize all medical practitioners operating in the country.

“Any doctor who comes to Liberia, to work in any medical institution, from the United Kingdom or the United States of America, or anywhere else, will be examined by the LMDC despite the credentials. We want people who are adequately equipped in the medical field because the person will actually save lives of thousands,” Dr. Mulbah stated.

Dr. Mulbah stated that there would be an opportunity to help build the capacity of those employees who are working at the Liberia Medical and Dental Council to enable them be more effective and efficient at the institution.