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Gov’t Rejects Transparency Int’l Report

By Jefferson D. Tweh

The Government of Liberia (GOL) has rejected recent corruption Barometer of the Transparency International reports which suggested that corruption in Liberia is really a societal problem.

An official of the Ministry of Information official said the size of the sample space in the Transparency International report was not significant enough to represent the entire country.

The Transparency International report that was released recently indicated that corruption is overriding in 12 Institutions in Liberia, including Political Parties with 4.0% Parliament or Legislature 4.7%, Military 3.4%, Non Governmental Organizations 3.1% and Media Institutions 3.6%.

Other institutions named as being corrupt are religious institutions 2.1%, business or private sectors 4.0%, educational system 4.5%, judiciary 4.5%, public officials or civil servants 3.5%, Liberia National Police 4.8% and the medical and health services 3.5%.

Information Minister, Lewis Brown on Thursday insisted that if the numbers listed in the report are true, then it is glaring that no institution of the society, including religious and political parties is spared of bribery and corruption.

Minister Brown averred that over 45%  of people believe that NGOs are corrupt, making no distinction between international and domestic NGOs  and 50% have no confidence in the press and believe that the media is also corrupt and 80% believe that the private sector is corrupt and 70% believe that all government workers are corrupt.

According to Minister Brown, when quizzed why people paid bribes, only 20% said they paid bribes because it is the only way to get service, while 80% said they bribe to by-pass the system and ultimately undermine the existing process; 36% said they paid bribes to speed up the process, another 31% said they paid bribes to get cheaper service.



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