NOCAL Denies Purchasing Disputed Land In Congo Town

The National Oil Company of Liberia (NOCAL) has refuted claims that it bought the disputed land reportedly owned by former Senator Grace Manor in Congo Town.

In recent time it has been alleged that the homes of several residences in the Congo Town area were demolished by yellow machines after NOCAL allegedly bought the parcel of land from the former Senator. The situation led to the affected residents to stage a road blockade in the area, an action that was supported by the CDC.

But in its reaction yesterday, the vice president for public affairs of NOCAL Israel Akinsanya emphatically stated that the company never negotiated and never bought said land as has been circulated and accused the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) for being behind all of the fabrications.

“This is not true; this is cheap propaganda; we have nothing to do with that land; we never bought that land,” he pointed out in an interview yesterday.

He went on:”I want to emphasize that we never bought that land; we never negotiated with Grace Manor for that land and we have never discussed any land issue with her.” Mr. Akinsanya sees this as an attempt by some individuals to blackmail the company and play on the minds of the people.

The company’s vice president said that this is a simple matter that can easily be discovered because the issue of land purchase is simple as there can be “paper trace.”