Liberian Journalist Still Laungishes In Guinean Jail

A Liberian journalist, Mike Jabateh who was recently arrested in the sisterly Republic of Guinea is said to be still languishing in jail in that country though he was to appear in court on Monday.   According to information emanating from Guinea, Mr. Mike Jabateh is still in the Guinean jail despite report that he was to appear in court on Monday.

Jabateh was arrested recently in the neighboring town of Nzolekore, Guinea while covering the recent conflict in which several churches and mosques were allegedly burnt down by opposing forces.

Our information disclosed that Mr. Jabateh was expected to appear in court on Monday in that country but was not allowed to appear in court. He has been incarcerated for several days since his arrest.

Mr. Jabateh in a recent text message said things are not well with him in jail as he is going through some difficulties. Jabateh said he was sent to Guinea by the Government of Liberia to cover the situation in that neighboring country.

He said since his arrest the Liberian Government has done nothing to secure his freedom despite being aware of his presence in Guinea to cover the recent conflict in that country.