Police Dept. Boss ‘Illegally’ Nullifies Bid Agreement

The Deputy Inspector General of the Liberia National Police, Rose E. Stryker has been booked for illegally nullifying a bid document signed between the police and the Monrovia Merchandise Mart.

Documents in the possession of The INQUIRER revealed that following an investigation conducted by the Public Procurement Concession Commission (PPCC) through its Complaints & Appeals & Review Panel, Madam Stryker acted illegally when she nullified complainant (MMM) award as winner of the Police Uniforms Proceedings.

The PPCC said after reviewing analyzed documents submitted by the complainant and the respondent entity, (LNP), and referencing the applicable provisions of the PPC Act, 2010, the panel is of the opinion that Madam Stryker acted illegally.

The Panel further ruled that the action taken by Madam Stryker, is not only in violation of the PPC Act, 2010, as she had no authority under the said Act to nullify a procurement proceeding or the decision reached by the procurement committee of the LNP.

PPCC described Madam Stryket’s action to nullify the contract as an attempt to usurp the exclusive authority of the Complaints, Appeals & Review Panel conferred by the Act, as the Panel is the decision of a procuring entity, and provide the appropriate relief.

According to the ruling of the PPCC Panel, there was no evidence of corruption, fraud, coercion, collusion, and/or violation of the PPC Act by either the Procurement Committee of the Liberia National Police, or the Monrovia Merchandise Mart.

The Panel said it upholds the complainant’s contention that the action taken by Madam Stryker is contrary to the PPC Act of 2010 and a violation thereof and also upholds the decision of the Procurement Committee of the Liberia National Police declaring the Monrovia Merchandise Mart winner of the Police uniforms bid proceeding as being consistent with law.

Meanwhile, during its ruling, the PPCC Panel ordered the Liberia National Police (LNP) to proceed to award the Police uniforms procurement contract to Monrovia Merchandise Mart, as that was the stage at which the proceeding was when it was wrongfully and illegally interrupted and stopped.

But Mr. Edward Gbor, President of MMM has complained that since the ruling by the PPCC Panel, the police have failed to take stock of the uniforms brought into the country.

Mr. Gbor said some 400 pieces of police uniforms were brought which had been in its warehouse for over the years.