J.W. Pearson High Fined L$75,000

The J. W. Pearson High School in the Ganta, Nimba County has been fined L$75,000 for allowing 12th grade female students to graduate with artificial hair (false hair).

The County Education Officer, Beatrice Bonner who imposed the fine on the Ban-Garr School System in Ganta said the wearing of ‘false hair’ by female students is in violating of the Education Policy of Liberia which forbids female students using artificial hair.

Madam Bonner said the amount should be paid with immediate effect to the revenue of the Government of Liberia at the opening of the 2013/2014 academic year by the Bain- Garr School System in Ganta. She said this will serve as a warning to prospective female high school graduates.

According to our correspondent in Nimba County, Madam Bonner said that during female students from the Ganta United Methodist High School were also wearing ‘false hair’, though she didn’t fine the school for reasons that are yet to be established.

Though she didn’t state the portion of the Educational Policy that forbids female high school students from graduating with ‘false hair’, she insisted that the Ban-Garr School System must make the money available immediately, especially for the Pearson High School’

Madam Bonner said Gompa City in Ganta has nine high schools but the District Education Officers assigned in the various districts are not working to her expectation thus causing female 12th Graders to be using false hair over their uniform during graduations when in fact false hair had since been banned by the Ministry of Education.

Since the fine was imposed, the J. W. Pearson High School has declined to comment on the situation.

Over the weekend the Ganta United Methodist School graduated over 75 students while the J. W. Pearson School in Ganta graduated 237 students but was later fined L$75,000.