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“Invest In Liberia’s Educational System”…Brigadier Dickson

By: Abu Sheriff (Vacation Student)

The Marshal of the Supreme Court of Liberia, Brigadier General Amos K. Dickson has called on the Government of Liberia(GOL) and other partners to prioritize education in the Country.

Speaking during the graduation ceremony of the Marvii Sonii Elementary and Junior High School last week, Mr. Dickson said education is the surest way of acquiring basic skills and knowledge needed to contribute to the social, economic, and political recovery process of Liberia.

According to him, it enables a person to make sound and credible decision that may impact the society meaningfully.

“We need to invest our money, time, energy, and all that we have to push our way further by acquiring the needed skills and knowledge in order to be assets to society”,  Brigadier General Dickson said.

He cautions students that the way to success is a rough way, stating that the path to greatness requires humility, respect and complete obedience to their parents, teachers, the elderly and most importantly, the laws of the land.

He also stress that community leaders have a moral and legal duty to support government initiative in the community.

He however express disappointment in community leaders who are involve in lawlessness citing the incident that occur in the community couple of months ago where leaders of the community deliberately remove zinc and planks from a public facility.

“This is totally unacceptable, and an act of corruption to say the least. He also said, community leaders have abuse public trust and have to honorably resign or be removed from office for the acts of corruption and public trust”, he concluded.



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