Dukuly Seeks Partnership With Media…Lauds INQUIRER Boss For ‘Responsible Journalism’

Internal Affairs Minister, Morris Dukuly has said that his ministry is seeking partnership with the Liberian media to promote its decentralization policy.  Mr. Dukuly who paid a courtesy call on INQUIRER Managing Editor, Philip N. Wesseh and staff of the institution said there are lots of programs being undertaken by the Internal Affairs Ministry but its objectives can only be achieved with the involvement of the media.

He said the Ministry needs to communicate its activities to make the citizens understand what is ongoing. He stated that Internal Affairs covers the fifteen political sub-division of Liberia and as such, its decentralization policy and peace building work must be communicated to the people.

“I believe that the media, the church, the mosque and civil society organizations in the country can take help us in undertaking this program,” Minister Dukuly said. He added that his Ministry will identify resources to engage the media in supporting its developmental initiatives throughout the country.

Minister Dukuly then lauded career Journalist, Philip N. Wesseh, who was recently admitted into the Star of Africa with the Grade of Commander by the Liberian Government for his many contributions to the state and society through his responsible journalistic talent exhibited over the years.

He described The INQUIRER Newspaper as a mainstream paper saying that the Managing Editor of the paper, Wesseh alias PNW’s honor was not by emotion because Mr. Wesseh did not use his institution to settle score.

“That’s why journalism is about; we commend you so much and laud President Sirleaf on behalf of all Liberian journalists for this great and worthy honor bestowed upon you by the Government,” Minister Dukuly told PNW.

In response, Mr. Wesseh expressed happiness for the appointment of Mr. Dukuly as Minister of Internal Affairs. He said Dukuly has a communication background and as such, he will use the media to execute his duty at the Ministry.

PNW said the problem of information dissemination remains a major problem in the government. “That is why we took a major reform to the Postal Affairs Ministry and now we are getting the needed results,” PNW averred.

He said being the biggest Government agency; the Internal Affairs Ministry has a herculean task to perform noting that this can only be achieved with the involvement of the independent media. “We pledge our support to your Ministry because if things go wrong, we all will be affected and if things go right, we all will benefit,” PNW said.

Among other things, he called on Internal Affairs Ministry to embark on conducting workshops for County Superintendents and Lawmakers to properly manage issues relative to their various counties.