International Rainbow Foundation Empowers Youths

The Founder of International Rainbow Foundation (IRF), Wede Wallace Edherue has told Liberian youths that they can be prepared for the world stage right here in Liberia.  Speaking over the weekend at a one day seminary for youths across the country, Mrs. Edherue explained to the youths the importance of presenting themselves at interviews.

The Founder of International Rainbow Foundation told the participating youths to get involved in the program they desire and be determined and have the ability to achieve.

Mrs. Edherue, a Liberian living in Nigeria said that it was in 2011 when she came back to the country that she was inspired to start IRF to help orphanages.

She said that the organization began by supporting orphanages in the country with food, clothing, etc.   However the numerous colleges and universities in the country made the IRF Founder want to do more for Liberian youths. After working in America for some twelve years, Mrs. Edherue decided to create a mentoring aspect to IRF that would help young professionals still in college become marketable upon graduation.

IRF Founder, Wede Wallace Edherue  stated that with many companies starting to do business in Liberia , young people have to be a part of the new workforce therefore IRF’s ‘People of Excellence’ program seeks to empower those youths who have that ability to achieve.

She continued that the People of Excellence program is intended that some ten well deserving students who have the qualities that the program is looking for to benefit with mentoring, scholarships and other schemes that the program has to offer.

Mrs. Wede Wallace Edherue asserted further that with IRF and its partners, like the Life Center on the Old Road in Monrovia are working hand- in-hand to build the capacity of Liberian youths. She added that in doing so it is imperative that a network be created for Liberian youths.