CDC Reacts To Varney Sherman’s Oration

CDC Reacts To Varney Sherman's Oration

By Alva M. Wolokolie

The National Executive Committee of the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) has described the Independence Day celebration in Bomi County as a scene of jokes, pageantry and praises backed by presidential sloganeering.

At a quick arranged press conference held on Saturday just a day after the Independence celebration in Bomi County, the party’s Deputy Secretary General for Administration Samora Wolokolie told journalists that the Independence Day orator spoke with fear and cowardice.

Mr. Wolokolie indicated that Cllr. Sherman’s recommendations are belated and a clear manifestation of doomed failure by the Unity Party led government.

“For the Chairman of the Unity Party, Cllr. Sherman to now recommend a new platform to the struggling people of Liberia is to wonder what has happened to the platform upon which they (The Unity Party) claimed the people of Liberia voted for. His presentation amounts to maximum failure; instead of making illogical and unrealistic recommendations, the Unity Party must publicly admit to its 2005 and 2011 campaign failures,” the CDC Executive said.

Mr. Wolokolie said while the CDC supports the TRC recommendations being implemented and wants genuine peace and reconciliation. It also believes that the National Day Orator and Chairman of the Unity Party who claimed not to be a “gbabatee lawyer” used the day to market his law firm and exploit the situation by attempting to amass wealth through a legal defense against the recommendations he believes are unconstitutional.

Samora Wolokolie mentioned that instead of the Unity Party Chairman calling for a credible Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism that will focus on our rich cultural heritage and wealth of tourism, he was only concerned about revamping the public information arm with party zealots who will propagate falsehood and hit messages to Liberians.

Considering eight years of governance by the Unity Party, CDC Wolokolie told reporters that Chairman Sherman’s admittance to their failure to fight corruption is a clear concurrence with the CDC consistent argument that the battle against corruption by the UP led government has crumbled.

Moreover, he said, for President Sirleaf to counter Sherman’s advice by stating he should have said it three years ago shows how the party itself is dysfunctional, and lacks control over its flag bearer.

Henceforth, he added the CDC questions whether the party is in control or an elite group of family members who could soon establish a class of oligarchs. Disappointingly, the CDC Deputy SG said, Cllr. Sherman’s silence on nepotism is a classic betrayal to his call to fight corruption.

“After eight years, poverty is on the rise and basic social services like electricity and water supplies remain unachievable not only in Monrovia but throughout Liberia; so why would the Cllr. think that after all these years of bad governance the Liberian people will now take his statement seriously”? The CDC asked.

In conclusion, Mr. Wolokolie said the CDC demands that the UP led government must admit to massive failure to execute its own platform, instead of suggesting a new platform through its chairman after eight years of terrifying bad governance. He however pointed out that the party has declared an “Absenteeism of the Presidency” in the governance of the republic and that the Congress for Democratic Change also believes that the time and season have arrived to demonstrate an eloquent and thunderous disapproval of the destructive course it is set upon by the inactions of this government in its embrace of rampant corruptions paralyzing the republic.