Catholic Priest Stresses Forgiveness…As Church Dedicates Fr. Tikpor School

By Alva M. Wolokolie

The Bishop of the Diocese of Cape Palmas, Most Rev. Andrew Karnley, has stressed the need for Liberians home and abroad to treat each other with kindness and most importantly forgive those who may have been offended one way or the other.  At the official celebration marking the thanksgiving mass and the dedication of the Msgr. Robert G. Tikpor Preschool at the St. Kizito Catholic Church in Paynesville yesterday, Rev. Fr. Karnley encouraged Catholics to always forgive those who may have offended them because the love of Christ should always over-shadow the actions of individuals.

He narrated that doing well without love and forgiveness for one another is meaningless and added that sometimes it is proper to even waive our rights when a situation occurs instead of paying back.

“My brothers and sisters, it is necessary most often that we the victims waive our rights. We should be patient, courageous, and reconcile with one another because Desmond Tutu said there can be no future without forgiveness. Reconciliation takes two or more to achieve. If Nelson Mandela wouldn’t have forgiven those who suppressed him, it would have been a different story in South Africa when he became President”. Bishop Karnley asserted.

Bishop Karnely lauded parishioners of St. Kizito Church for contributing greatly to the growth and development of the church but reminded them that in the absence of love and forgiveness, their achievement will not be realized.

Touching a bit on Liberia, Bishop Karnley said Liberians should bring healing to the country and not destruction and added that regardless of the peace that Liberians are enjoying today, there is still a need that this land be healed.

“I encourage you to take the word of Christ on the cross when he said ‘Father forgive them for they don’t know what they are doing’. When Joseph met his brothers after his maltreatment, he ended treating them with kindness. How many of us can treat others with kindness when they maltreat us”?   Bishop Karnley asked.

At yesterday ceremony, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf dedicated the Msgr. Robert G. Tikpor Preschool and lauded parishioners for the initiative and for holding together as one people for the good of the church.

His Grace Archbishop Jerome Lewis Zeigler encouraged the St. Kizito family to continue working together because according to him, in unity there is progress and development because disunity brings about division which leads to conflict.

The Msgr. Robert G. Tikpor Preschool has been completed and is ready for academic activity beginning September 2013. A total of US$100.000 plus (one hundred thousand plus) was used to construct the school. It is however limited to nursery, kindergarten 1 and 2 only.