166th Years! Sustaining The Peace

LIBERIANS FROM ALL walks of life are expected to celebrate the country’s 166th Independence Day Tomorrow. The country’s declaration of Independence was signed on July 26, 1847, thus making Liberia the first country in Africa a free country.

SINCE ITS DECLARATION of independence, the country has been led by several personalities from diverse backgrounds. Unfortunately, the country also experienced a 14-year civil crisis as a result of power greed amongst others, which led to the destruction of lives and properties.

LIBERIANS HAVE BEGUN mending those broken pieces and putting into place measures to reconcile their differences. In spite of these efforts, the Liberian Government is still lagging behind in ensuring that its commitments are renewed in the interest of its people.

RENEWING COMMITMENTS REQUIRES the collective efforts of every Liberian, as well as the government. Firstly, the Government, during the campaign period made several promises to meet the needs of its people once elected. Most of these promises have not been met. Unemployment rate remains high, the standard or education is still low, as stated by the several officials in Government, and more over, poverty is on the increase, especially in the rural areas.

IT IS GLARING that peace at the end of the tunnel is becoming visible yet if Liberians are to sustain the peace and renew their commitments to maintaining the peace process in the country; it is also prudent that the Government does all within its mandate to cater to the basic needs of its people.

AS THE COUNTRY celebrates another year, government should double its efforts in providing the basic needs of its people while the citizens on the other hand have to play their role of being accountable for responsible leadership because one cannot lead alone.

THE PEACE CAN only be sustained if there is a collective effort on the part of all citizens in guiding the process as it sails on because once the people are satisfied and those in leadership fulfill their campaign promises, we believe the country will be prosperous again.

ONCE AGAIN, WE hail those who have been speaking out on the ills in society as well as those who have tried to meet up with their promises to the citizens but we still believe that there are lots more to do if the country must sustain the peace.