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“I’m Not Interested In Bong Race”…Leymah Gbowee Declares

Nobel Peace Prize winner Leymah Gbowee has denied rumors that she intends to contest the senatorial race for Bong County during the mid-term election next year.

In recent time, there have been rumors that the Nobel Peace winner is interested in contesting the race, especially against incumbent, Senator Jewel Howard-Taylor.

It has been said that Madam Gbowee, given her achievements and role in the Liberian society, will be a strong contender against Senator Taylor. Others said top-eyeing the seat is the former Junior Senator, Franklin Seakor and the county former Superintendent, Renny Jackson.

But in an interview yesterday, Madam Gbowee emphatically made it clear that she was not interested in the race and has never told anyone or group of any intention to run during the process.

“I do not know where they got this from; I am not interested in the race; you will not see my name on the ballot papers,” she pointed out in a serious tone.

However, Madam Gbowee, who runs the Gbowee Peace Foundation, said she heard about some petition, but maintained that she was not interested.

“Let the people leave me alone; I am doing what God called me to do; I am happy for what I am doing; I am happy working with children; take it from me, you will not see my name on the ballot,” she angrily stated.

The laureate said she was not even a registered voter in the county, lest to talk about voting in the county.

She disclosed that Madam Taylor who is expected to contest the race to succeed herself is her “first cousin” and she (Gbowee) has repeatedly told family members that she was not interested. “I am not someone who goes on dividing family members,” she said.




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