VOSCON Accused

The Management of the DUCOR Petroleum Incorporated, a Liberian owned business entity says the managing partner of the Baker Tally Liberia, VOSCON Incorporated has deliberately compromised its professional independence.

Ducor Petroleum accused VOSCON by preparing audited financial report for MOTC on March 20, 2013 while doing audit engagement of DUCOR/MOTC transaction for the period of December 2006 to November 2012 as a way of resolving the dispute between the two companies (MOTC and DUCOR) and shareholders of DUCOR.

In a prepared statement, the DUCOR Management expressed alarm over the facts that the two shareholders of DUCOR which are MOTC and Amos Brosius had appointed Baker Tally as an independent and competent auditing firm to carry on the audit engagement of DUCOR which began on the 28th of February, 2013 but was stopped from further conducting the audit on May 11, 2013 after it was discovered that MOTC is a client of VOSCON.

Recently an injunction was placed on the account of both DUCOR and MOTC at a local bank by the Civil Law Court until the actual facts surrounding the entire case are settled.

The statement which also featured audited financial statements for the period of December 31, 2011/2012 and income tax return for the benefit of the reading public are being published in this paper.