Tubman Law Firm Re-Launched

Program marking the official re-launching of the Tubman Law Firm was held on Friday, July 19, 2013 on Broad Street, Opposite the Providence Baptist Church where the firm offices is located.

Making the Keynote Remarks, Her Excellency President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf said public nstitutions are responsible under the Constitution and Laws of the Republic of Liberia to promote and develop the state, But she noted that there were other institutions such as the media outside of the public arena whose functions she pointed out can influence what happen to the nation,

Speaking further, the President indicated that how the media portrays the news whether factual, acrimonious or accusatory will have an impact on all of us. The President however cautioned all lawyers the country to be in the business of representing their clients and also to seek the national interest.

She challenged them (lawyers) to always exhibit competence and observe the legal ethics in the execution of their functions which she said will determine the quality of justice in Liberia.

The Keynote Speaker commended the staff for re-launching their law firm and described the services that were rendered in the past by the firm as remarkable as such; she said that she was delighted to see the firm come back again. She then urged Counselor Winston A. Tubman to bring his energies, passion and his enthusiasm to the new road he has chosen and hope that the firm will succeed.

Winston A. Tubman informed the gathering, that the firm was established forty three (43) years ago but he said that it was opened to non- Tubman in the past and so he said it will remain the same. He also the recognized the services that were rendered by them (non-Tubman) during the firm existence. He then assured the public that their services will be characterized by integrity, honestly as well as good legal knowledge.

The learned Counselor however paid homage to the Late President, William V.5. Tubman whom he referred to as a great lawyer and a statesman, adding, “he was a poor man lawyer because he noted that there were too many poor people” which he described as a legacy as such, he indicated that the firm will build upon it. He also promised that in the future the Harper branch of the firm will also be re-launched.

For his part, Counselor Robert Tubman commended President Sirleaf for what he referred to as her extraordinary leadership which re said was evidence by the many accolades she has won such as The Nobe Peace Price, He then mentioned that every Liberian must be supportive to the development of their country, and also be willing to reconcile with their brothers and sisters.