Sinoeans To Mend Fences

Sinoeans To Mend Fences

By Morrison O.G. Sayon

Citizens of Sinoe County have begun mending fences following the recent incarceration of the county’s Superintendent, J. Milton Teahjay.   Recently, Sinoe County Senator, Joseph Nagbe raised serious concern that the incarceration of Supt.  Teahjay has created a deep split among the county’s Legislative caucus and the citizens with a report of hullabaloo, thus contributing to a tribal split among the Kru ethnic group on one hand and the Sapo on the other side.

Supt. Teahjay was charged with contempt for impeding legislative function after he allegedly embarrassed Sinoe County District #3 Representative, Matthew Zarzar in the county.

But in an interview yesterday, Rev. Joe Cheytee Jarwleh, Founder/Executive Director for the Movement for Reconciliation and Reunification of Sinoe County said there is no split amongst Sinoeans as being speculated in the media.

Rev. Jarwleh said what is ongoing in the county is considered as mixed reaction on the incarceration of Supt. Teahjay. He said some of the citizens feel that the jailing of the county’s Superintendent has tainted the image of Sinoe while some feel otherwise.

“What we know of for sure is that there remains a split in the Legislative Caucus but we have intervened and came out with a fruitful result,” Rev. Jarwleh disclosed.

He said the general situation in the county is calm and that the Movement is comprised of all the tribes in the county who are together working for peace and reconciliation in Sinoe County.

“The general view of the people is that what happened to the Supt. has affected all the tribes because this is the first time for a Superintendent of Sinoe to go to jail,” Rev. Jarwleh said.

He is therefore calling on citizens of Sinoe to remain calm and forge ahead for genuine reconciliation for the betterment, growth and development of their county.

Among other things, Rev. Jarwleh blamed those who sit in Monrovia and spread misinformation about Sinoe adding that this is in no way helping the county.

Rev. Jarwleh is emphatically calling on those spreading misinformation about the county to check their facts and verify them before going public.