Mother Of 8 Becomes Cellcom’s Millionaire

Sarah W. Kanwee of Logan Town has come forward as the first winner of LD1 million from Cellcom’s “Scratch a Million” campaign.     The Cellcom “Scratch a Million” campaign is one of the company’s biggest giveaways this year.   Newly released scratch cards offer hundreds of prizes including three grand prizes of 1 million Liberian dollars each.

Mrs. Kanwee is the first winner and the company says it expects two other grand prize winners to come forward in the next several weeks.

Liberia’s newest Millionaire – Mrs. Kanwee is a mother of eight.  She has been a dedicated Cellcom subscriber since 2004 and says she bought her winning card last week from a street vendor at Freeport.

She says that she and her friends never believed that the Cellcom campaign was real.  “My friends always argued that nobody would win.   So when I won I was very happy and thankful to God.”

She says she bought her scratch card with the last $5 she had and prayed that God would help her win, because she was in a critical financial situation and had already been giving a two months’ notice by her landlord..

“After I saw the winning card, I went directly home and praised God with my children.”   Mrs. Kanwee says she plans to use the winnings to complete construction on her house.

Corporate Communications Strategist Dr. Kimmie Weeks says the prize will be formally presented to Mrs. Kanwee at Cellcom’s national headquarters on capital Bypass today.

Cellcom’s Chairman Mr. Avi Zaidenberg and CEO Avishai Marziano will hand the prize check to Mrs. Kanwee.

“It was a special moment for all of us to know that the winner of this prize was somebody who really needed it.   We really wanted these prizes to impact people’s lives and this is one person whose life will be transformed forever,” said Dr. Weeks.

Weeks says that two other scratch cards worth LD1 million each are still in circulation and there are hundreds of other prizes.

Dr. Weeks revealed: “The accumulation of all the prizes large and small is over LD10 million.   Prizes go from $1 and increases to $500, $1,000, and the ultimate prize of 1 million.