Weeping, Wailing In Congo Town…As Bulldozer Destroys Several Homes

Weeping, Wailing In Congo Town...As Bulldozer Destroys Several Homes

By Jefferson D. Tweh

The Civil Law Court, through the Ministry of Public Works demolished more than 20 houses yesterday at Gio Town Community, in Congo Town.   One of those victims who spoke to this paper, Mr. Moses Dahn, said the court did not inform them to leave the community but to their utmost surprise yesterday afternoon, they were told to evacuate the community by the Emergency Response Units (ERU) forcefully.

According to Mr.Dahn, he lived in the Gio Community for more than 20 years and nobody has bothered community members on the land issue and it was regrettable to see a caterpillar breaking their houses down.

“We are calling on the Liberian people to come to our rescue because we do not have any place to stay right now,” Mr. Dahn lamented.

According to the information gathered from some community members, the Interstate is owned by the late James Minor, and a man identified as Mr. William and Madam Grace Minor went to court for the property but Madam Minor won the case and she instructed the court to execute the eviction of the houses in the Gio Town Community.

When both parties were contacted via mobile concerning the eviction issue, Mr. William and Madam Grace Minor could not be reached since their phones were switched off.