We-Care Foundation Launches “Story Hour For Kids” Vacation Program

WE-CARE Foundation, a local non-governmental and not-for-profit educational organization has ended the training of over fifteen (15) Liberians for its Children Vacation Program, “Story Hour for Kids.”

Speaking during the program, Madam Yvonne Capehart-Weah said the training was aimed at preparing facilitators for the“Story Hour for Kids” Program, vacation children reading program that teaches children to read and develop the love of books. It also includes introduction to the use of the computer by playing of computer games.

Madam Weah who is the Coordinator of the WE-CARE Foundation pointed out during her deliberations that the program is a community initiative of the WE-CARE Foundation that targets economically challenged communities.

“This year’s program will be held at the Point Four Elementary School in the Borough of New Kru Town, every Saturday at 8:30 am”, she said.

A unique aspect of the program Madam Weah said, is involving the girls from the community to participate in the ‘Story Hour’ for Kids program. The girls, who are in high school or college, were chosen to be role models and mentors to the Younger girls in the program. Also, these girls are being groomed to develop the hobby of volunteerism to be able to give something back to their community.

Meanwhile, Ms. Angela Dixon, a resident of the Borough of New Kru Town who formed part of the training said she was pleased to be recruited by WE-CARE for the vacation program.  “I have used this library services over and again and this is one way of giving back to WE-CARE and my people of New Kru Town”, she explained.

Over the years, the WE-CARE Foundation has conducted the “Story Hours for Kids” Program in several economically challenged communities to include: Soul Clinic, West Point, Clara Town and Slipway communities.